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Mary Dunbar

For many years, Mary Dunbar was "The Jewel Lady" of the Jewel Tea Company. It was she to whom Jewel customers wrote letters about thousands of things, including complaints, compliments, questions and recipes. An extraordinary woman, Mary Dunbar looked over the shoulders and through the eyes of every Jewel employee from the time merchandise was planned until each item was reflected in the smiling eyes of  a satisfied customer. She was an inspiration to Jewel Salesmen and she captured the hearts of Jewel housewives and she graced their homes with her presence. Her ambition was to offer high-quality, dependable groceries, household supplies and general merchandise to every Jewel customer. Today, Mary Dunbar still represents the excellence for which Jewel Tea was recognized. This rich heritage of Jewel Tea is now portrayed in an exclusive Mary Dunbar Signature Collector Doll. An original sculpted porcelain doll by a celebrated doll artists, Mary is adorned with painstaking detail in the legendary Jewel Tea test kitchen attire. Her apron is emblazoned with the famous " Autumn Leaf" pattern, created by Hall China exclusively for Jewel Tea Company in the collector's world. Approximately 15" tall, Mary is pose-able, with porcelain face, hands and legs. Her delicately sculpted features are enhanced by lovely painted eyes and her ensemble is complemented with painted black pumps of the era. The cameo pin, a trademark of the real Mary Dunbar, adorns her collar. Doll is stamped with the official Mary Dunbar Seal of Approval, doll stand is included.



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